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Admin Tools

We've built hundreds of admin applications that manage a variety of business tools, custom analytics, customer service, CRM, email marketing and much more. A good admin tool makes running and managing your business much eisier and scalable. Check out a dummy demo that showcases UX from our Dripchimp app.

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Mobile Apps

Who doesn't have an idea for an app? And who doesn't love building them, they're just more fun than web, but also more complicated, costly and less likely to grow and monetize. We have both iOS and Android skills and have built content apps, games, social networks, business tools and more. Download one of our most active apps, Geeking.

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Messaging Bots

Chat bots are all the rage, but are they really that big of a deal? We like building on KIK because they have built-in discovery, but we can develop for FB, Telegram and Slack. We're mostly interested in figuring out monetization as nobody really has yet. Check out Botsmith, our dev studio for bots.

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Audiojoy Self Help Audio Apps


self help premium mobile audio content
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Guess The Gif Kik Bot

Guess the Gif

experimental entertainment GIF bot for KIK
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Botsmith Custom Chat Bots for Kik


custom chat bots for kik, fb and telegram
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Dripchimp Mobile Drip Push Notifications


dead simple mobile drip push notifications
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Inspiration Kik Bot

Inspiration Bot

simple KIK bot delivers inspiration on demand
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Geeking Chat & Roleplay App


premier chat and roleplay community for geeks
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Talkchain Mobile Chat SDK


chat as a service SDK for mobile
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Flip Cards Kik Bot

Flip Cards Bot

engaging pop culture content bot for KIK
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Your Project

Your Project

solves a problem and makes money
Coming Soon
Your Project

Your Project

if it's good, you tell us
Coming Soon

We Love to Tinker.

Yeh, and we like to make money. If you have an idea for an app, a bot, a business tool or anything really, you better be thinking about how you're going to make money.

Raising venture funds is for the birds. We're interested in building products that have clear UA strategies and monetization methods. If your idea has them, let's talk.


For over ten years Pitashi has been creating end user solutions and inner guts for other well used products.

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